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As a business starts to stabilize, it may be time to automate some backend business processes. It may be for recording purposes, for clinic administrative automation, for centralizing database and or future marketing purposes.

It is important to plan and implement this area very carefully with the partner you trust most to do this.

At Networkz, we are staffed with experienced individuals with background in business, computers and software who understand the needs of businesses in their market so they can fine-tune and blend normal business process into unique solutions for individual clients.

We have in-house capabilities and can work together with organizations to provide total solutions covering hardware, software, network, installation, planning, project management, accounting, and customizations.

Examples of Business Applications

Web Design
Networkz builds your website design based on your corporate branding with brand consistency, which includes your corporate logo, corporate colors, and the image you wish to project with your website. We will make sure that your corporate branding and business objectives will be in sync.

Ecommerce & CMS Web Portals
We will create database-driven Ecommerce or Content Management Systems (CMS) websites for our clients. From a given website control panel interface, the administrative and different users can simply log in and manage the websites' contents themselves. No IT knowledge is required.

Social Networking Web Portals
Nowadays, Social Networking is becoming a common additional module to web portals. The new portal may be ecommerce, or directory-centric website, or it can even be similar to facebook, which is a purely social-networking website. Whatever the scale is, as long as you have the idea and it can be developed, we will be able to support you in your quest.

Any Other Web Portals
Portals nowadays link to the mobile side as a webpage front on mobile devices, or more. Read more about our mobile development services to find out more.

Let us know what you have in mind.

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