Networkz TCM Mgt Software

A basic standalone TCM Clinic Management software system that comes with:

  • software system product license
  • hardware (PC, monitor, receipt printer, receipt rolls)
  • yearly technical support


  • 1 x user manual
  • 1 x user training
  • 1 x setup
  • 1 x migration of contacts from excel files

Versions Options Available:

  • English version
  • Simplified Chinese version

Main Features

  • can manage Patients, and view Patients List
  • can manage Consultations Info for each Patient, and view Consultations List
  • can manage Prescribed Medicine for each Patient’s Consultation Info
  • can manage Medicines & Herbs, and view Medicines & Herbs List
  • can manage Medicine Combinations, and view Medicine Combinations List
  • can manage items in Inventory for incoming and outgoing transactions
  • can manage Illnesses/Symptoms, and view Illnesses/Symptoms List
  • can print basic medicine labels for selected Patients (via specific Labels Printer)
  • can print receipts for specific Consultation Info (via A4 Printer)
  • can view queue logs
  • can view audit logs